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We all at Angels & Cookies would like to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Peaceful New Year! We will be open for orders on January 2, 2019!

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Our story

Our cookie dough is not just any ordinary cookie dough. At Angels & Cookies we make it possible for everyone to have a choice.

Our mission is to enable those suffering from food allergies to indulge without needing to sacrifice their health so that we can all live a happier and healthier life.


Karen Cappetta
Founder of
Angels & Cookies
We all at Angels & Cookies would like to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Peaceful New Year!
We will be open for orders on January 2, 2019!

Buy gourmet cookie dough 

three heart-warming flavours

We endeavour to use Organic Ingredients and our cookie dough is free from hydrogenated oils, cholesterol, additives, preservatives, artificial ingredients and refined sugar.

Please get in touch if you would like to become a stockist.

Christmas Special
Cookie Dough Selection

3 tubs for the price of 2
£15.98 for 3 x 350g tubs


Our Christmas Trio Special includes our Chunky Chocolate Chip, Fantastic Fudge and Ginger & Spice Cookie Dough for the price of £15.98!

Christmas trio special offer from December 5th-17th only so gift this wonderful box of cookie dough to someone you love.

See more details about the different flavours below.



£7.99 per 350g tub

Our dark and rich chocolate fudge cookie dough produces a chocolate fudge cookie that melts in your mouth and is moist, chewy and delicious, transporting you back to your childhood, that is if you're not a kid any longer... but still a kid at heart! Our cacao powder is bursting with anti-oxidants and nutrients.

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£7.99 per 350g tub

When we shout VANILLA at Angels & Cookies we mean VANILLA! Vanilla, an earthy complex spice beautifully fragrances our cookie dough and we really love to taste the vanilla.  Not only do we add extra vanilla extract, but we add our own homemade blend of Vanilla Sugar by infusing it with Madagascar Vanilla pods.

Ingredients >>

Note: Sprinkles not included.



£7.99 per 350g tub

Do you like your chocolate chip cookies moist on the inside with a hint of crispness around the outer edges? Our dough will give you just that – freshly baked chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven just like Mom used to make! Made using ethically sourced organic chocolate chips.

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& Spice

£7.99 per 350g tub

...and everything nice. A fragrantly spiced cookie dough which has cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves reminiscent of snow-laden holidays – but you don't need to wait for the holidays to enjoy these richly flavoured ginger and spice cookies.

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Angels & Cookies 14 Allergen Free and vegan Cookie Baking Kit


£26 per kit

Angels & Cookies


£10 (free P&P)
Choose your size

Angels & Cookies


£15 (free P&P)
Choose your size

animal biscuits

Animal Biscuit packs (inc. p&p)

Each animal biscuit is lovingly handmade one by one. They are freshly baked in our dedicated allergen free kitchen site made from our delicious allergen free gourmet cookie dough and baked to just the right texture, crunchy and crisp. Kids absolutely love the different animals and makes treat time fun for all!

30grams per pack available in our Very Vanilla flavour Online orders minimum of 10 packs per order and 11th pack for free

Retail orders minimum of 20 packs per order. Sample pack available upon request to retailers. Please contact us if you would like to stock  our Free From and Vegan Animal Treats in your shop, coffee shop, grocer or farm shop.

Animal cookies are freshly baked and no additives or preservatives - Shelf life duration 10 daysAvailable in flavour Very Vanilla
Shops that would like to stock our animal biscuits can call for a quote - minimum 20 pack order. Deliveries on Wednesdays to shops.


Angels & Cookies APRON


£12.50 (free P&P)

Angels & Cookies


£9.50 (free P&P)

What customers had to say...

"I have finally found the tastiest, healthiest easy to make cookies for my vegetarian/gluten free family. Karen is an amazing baker that knows what a mom needs and never ceases to surprise me with new delicious recipes that are super healthy. All I have to do is pop them into the oven. It was about time!

Marilyn Marini, London

"The aroma of your cookies baking in the oven is so good that people selling or renting their properties should bake them minutes before showing to prospective buyers or renters."

Jacqueline White, London

The cookie dough is delicately crafted to perfection and no words will truly allow me to bring your taste buds alive the way it will if you taste it for yourself. They taste absolutely divine, especially warm straight from the oven. The quality and consistency of the cookies is what I feel really differentiates them from the ones I have tried anywhere else. In addition, being mainly organic, wheat free, gluten free, nut free, vegan, it allows almost anyone to enjoy them without feeling guilty. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a healthier alternative without compromising taste to try these cookies - you will not be disappointed!

Lisa Chan, London

Got up on Boxing Day to bake the cookie dough... kids were up 5 minutes later and asking "are they ready yet?" all through the cooking time. Having just baked and wire-racked the lovely cookies to cool, my kids descended like a plague of locust to devour them before my eyes. I managed to grab one of each flavour, and hide away to enjoy them with my green tea. Absolutely delicious and super easy to bake. I would truly recommend them to one and all.

Elena Gianichini, London

A wonderful tub full of deliciousness with the benefits of being free from too!  So easy to bake which is perfect for me as a hopeless baker & perfect for when you want to reach for a sweet treat with no nasty ingredients. Everyone should have a tub in their pantry/fridge.  Totally amazing and delicious!

Carmen Chan, Allergy and Free From Show

I've tried numerous free-from cookies but either the texture was wrong or it had an ingredient that I can't have. But yesterday at an event in Chelsea I tasted the best multi free from cookies and cookie dough that I've ever had courtesy of Angels & Cookies! Even the raw cookie dough was scrumptious!

Natasha Brown, London

How to make the world a better place in 4 easy steps: Make cookies. Make them allergen-free – include everyone! Make them taste more heavenly than other cookies.

Steven Shaw, London

I have been totally amazed at how good these delectable delights are. There are days when you love someone else doing all the work and you can sit and enjoy freshly baked cookies and a glass of milk. Thank you so much.

Debra Townsend, Tampa, Florida

Angels & Cookies are only a small company, but their cookie dough doesn't half pack a punch in the Coeliac World.

Coelic Sanctuary

Big thanks to Angels & Cookies. I wanted a birthday treat that could be shared by everyone at my daughter's nursery regardless of food allergies, intolerance and specific preferences. Angels & Cookies kindly adapted their recipe so that all children could enjoy the same delicious cookies, even taking part in making them. It was an overwhelming success, endorsed by the nursery. Very much looking forward to buying the next batch. Wish you all the success with your business. Thanks again.

Binoy Dharsi

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